A Complete Route Management Solution

A Professional Delivery Solution

Your company deservers a professional system. So put away your excel spread sheets. Stop mashing multiple systems into one incoherent and wasteful mess just to try and get what you need.

IDS Route, IDS Core and IDS Mobile are all connected into One Complete System.

That means, with one system, you can route, dispatch, monitor drivers GPS locations, reassign shipments, capture a POD and signature.

Automate your pricing using mileage, piece, weight or even a combination of all.

Our Drivers App, IDS Mobile, is more than just a simple Delivery App. Its been in the real world since 2006, thats before the iPhone and Android existed.

Go beyond just a simple POD or a signature. IDS Mobile can scan location and shipment barcodes.

Drivers can create new shipments in the field without involving the dispatchers or office staff.

We even have the special and specific functionality needed for Medical and Reverse Logistics.

Fully Featured

IDS Route Software provides you with the features as you need them, when you need them.

Route Optimization for Deliveries

Optimized Route

IDS Route allows you to optimize your shipments for the most efficient route.

Options include, shortest route, fast route, avoid tolls, avoid ferries and much more

automatic pricing

Automatic Pricing

Connect to IDS Core to have IDS automatically price each shipment.

Best of all, rates can be based on mileage, piece count, weight and a combination of all those.

drivers portal and pay

Drivers Pay

Do you need to pay your drivers based on the mileage of their routes?

That's not a problem, IDS can calculate their pay based on their optimized routes.

Best of all, with our driver's online portal, they can login and see a summery of their pay.

Route optimization with dispatch software


Connect IDS Route to IDS Core our complete advanced dispatching system.

From multi-package shipments, UPC inventory, dimensional weight, customizable dispatch and drivers boards, automatic pricing with a connection to your account software

courier logistics and delivery association

reverse logistics association

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