Last Mile & Distribution
Courier Shipments
Chain of Custody
Returns and Reverse Logistics

Industries that Use IDS

With over 15 years of experience in the Delivery of Good's Industry, IDS Internet Dispatch Services Ltd has grown from a Courier Software Solution to a Last Mile Distribution Management System able to handle the unique needs of Reverse Logistics. 

Our expertise in Chain of Custody shipments has created a software solution used by some of the largest Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies. 

Last Mile and Distribution

Simply plugin IDS Route into IDS Core and you have everything you need for Last Mile and Distribution deliveries. For more information, please visit our Last Mile and Distribution section

Last Mile and Distribution Delivery System

Courier and On-Demand

IDS Internet Dispatch Services Ltd origins was as a Complete Courier Management System.

Our Cloud-Based Route Optimization System with our Dispatching and Driver's App has everything you need to run a Courier Delivery Service. For more information, please visit our Courier & On-Demand Delivery Section

Medical and Pharmaceutical 

IDS completes over 10,000 Pharmaceutical and Medical Deliveries across 2 countries every day. For more information on how IDS can help you, please see our Pharmaceutical and Medical Delivery section

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