Advanced Route Optimization
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Advanced Route Optimization

IDS's Advanced Route Optimization Solution has you covered. From courier and on-demand work, to pharmaceutical and medical deliveries, distribution and last mile, to returns and reverse logistics.

With over 15 years of real world experience. As a result IDS can be found in Australia's Outback, Canada's Tundra and the busy streets of Chicago.

Best of all our cloud-based dispatch system has the reliability you need.

Modular and Scalable

IDS Route can be connected to our others modules and features.
As a result you will have the functionality when you need it.

Advanced Route Optimization

Route Optimization

IDS Route is our Route Optimization software solution. Quickly optimize your shipments and calculate a route's mileage. After which you can send this information to IDS Mobile. That means your drivers can then capture a POD, scan a barcode and update the shipment's status

dispatch software


IDS Core is our complete advanced dispatching system. Features include multi-package shipments, UPC inventory, dimensional weight, customizable dispatch and drivers boards, automatic pricing and a connection to your account software.

Driver Delivery App

Driver App

IDS Mobile is our Driver Delivery app. Your drivers can capture a Proof of Delivery, Proof of Pick Up and a signature.

Best of all, its Barcode ready.  Including laser and camera scanning capable.

Another key point, Drivers can even create shipments in the field.

Shipping Portal

Shipping Portal

Do you need something more powerful than the usual browser based online portal? For that reason, we offer IDS Shipping Portal.  Because of it's powerful features  you will stand out from your competition.

Not too worry, if you just need a simple online browser based online portal, we have that too!

Advanced Route Optimization

Customizable Route Optimization Software

We know that your company is unique. For that reason, we are not going to force our way onto your company.

Therefore we will work with you to customize our advanced route optimization solution to your unique needs.

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